We partner with engineers

entrepreneurs, and scientists

building the future.

We partner with engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists building the future.

  • Meliora Therapeutics

    Creating the next generation of mechanism-focused oncology drugs

  • Northflank

    The developer-first cloud platform

  • Gitpod

    Cloud development environments, always ready to code.

  • Door Robotics

    Drones for 360-degrees content capture

  • Orchid Health

    Whole genome sequencing for IVF embryos

  • Select Star

    Intelligent, automated data discovery

  • Dylibso

    Creating software products to help developers build with WebAssembly

  • Lynq

    AI powered workflow automation

  • Krea AI

    Design at the speed of thought

  • Oxen AI

    Oxen helps manage your datasets so you can replace lines of code with better data.

  • Storyteller

    Enabling anyone to create high quality videos and audio with AI

  • Stealth

    The next generation of durable workflows

  • Stealth

    Enabling pause/migrate/resume for compute jobs across GPUs & CPUs.